vTrade Rules

RulesThe 9 DON’Ts & BUTs:

  1. DON’T pre-empt the market, BUT listen to it;
  2. DON’T trade on news, BUT trade the plan;
  3. DON’T complicate any trades, BUT simplify them;
  4. DON’T trade without reasons, BUT without fear;
  5. DON’T worry about the price, BUT the probability;
  6. DON’T count the risks, BUT measure the risks;
  7. DON’T expect big profits, BUT consistent profits;
  8. DON’T be afraid of mistakes, BUT learn from mistakes;
  9. DON’T blame the market for losses, BUT yourself.

Please feel free to share these rules if you like and a claim of post credit prefers………

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