Hi! Welcome to my blog (vTrade.wordpress.com).

My name is Deon. By professional training, I’m an accountant, trained to become qualified CA Singapore and CPA Australia. By occupation, I’m a C-Level executive with strong belief in value creation through specialization & innovation. In private, I’m a trader, investor, coach, learner and entrepreneur.

This blog, together with my Twitter (vTrade@OneTrinity) and Facebook page (VTrade), are one part a personal library for collecting impactful articles as reference, another part a conduit to exchange knowledge and/or ideas with like-minded Netizens for the purpose of valuing the probability of the right market for correct investments to allocate capital effectively.

I love your comments and thoughts. However, before you move on, I would like to ask you to read my DISCLAIMER in details. Your kind understanding would be most appreciated.

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